Do You Need Some Cash Right Away?

Posted on: 24 October 2018


Do you need money right away and there's not enough in your bank account to cover what you need? Perhaps you've been given the opportunity to go on a wonderful trip, but you need to pay for the ticket right away. Or, one of your children has made a fair request for something expensive. Whatever the case, from selling something at a pawn shop to getting a cash advance, here are some ideas that might help.

When Will You Have The Money? - Are you anticipating receiving a nice Christmas bonus, just as you do every year? If so, you are more than likely planning to use that money for your present expenditure when you receive it, say in the middle of December. Or, perhaps your parents have begun giving you a very nice cash Christmas gift. If that's the case, can you wait until after Christmas to pay the money back to the source where you borrowed it? Do you have the kind of relationship with your parents where you could explain your current situation and ask them if you could possibly have an early Christmas present?

How Will You Get The Cash? - Have you ever considered going to a business that helps people with cash advances? If so, you probably thought of doing that right away. If not, consider getting the cash you need at that kind of business. You'll more than likely have to fill out papers regarding your work, your income, and the date that you plan to return the cash advance to the business. It's likely the you might have to write a check on your own bank account, maybe with the date on it when the check can be cashed. Of course, there will be a fee for this cash advance. However, since you are anxious to receive the money soon, you are probably fine with the extra money that you'll be out. 

Another idea is to pawn something of value, say a piece of expensive jewelry or gold coins from your collection. If you have ever pawned something in the past, you know that you have a certain date that you can redeem whatever you pawned. If you've never had the experience of pawning anything, you might have a misconception of pawn shops. But at a pawn shop you'll find courteous, professional people who will be happy to help you to get a cash advance. Keep receipts so it will be easy to redeem the item or items you have pawned. 

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