Items That Sell Well At Pawnshops

Posted on: 7 January 2020


If you're in need of some quick cash, you can bring some of your belongings to a pawnshop. You can either choose to sell them directly to the pawnshop or allow them to sell the items for you. If you choose to let them sell the items for you, you'll get a percentage of the sales. Before going to a pawnshop for some extra cash, you'll need to figure out which items sell the best there. While popular items will differ depending on the location of the pawnshop, there are certain things that are universally popular.

Mobile devices

Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are a hot ticket item at pawn shops. People update them so often, that they end up with fully functioning mobile devices that have nothing wrong with them, other than the fact that they're older models. There are people out there who can't afford to buy the newest models who would be more than happy to buy an older one at a discounted price.


Jewelry is one of the most popular items that people bring in to pawn shops. Regardless of how old they are, their value still remains, due to the expensive metals and jewels that they're made from. If you have an old jewelry chest filled with pieces that you don't use anymore, you can bring them to a pawnshop and turn them into cash.

Rare coins

Coin collectors will often bring their rarest coins to pawn shops to sell them. It's important to have the most valuable coins appraised so that you don't accept an offer that is too low.

Antique furniture

You'd be surprised how valuable some older pieces of furniture can be. Antique furniture is often made out of higher quality material than modern furniture. Many pieces were made by hand rather than by a machine. The different styles used in antique furniture, and the fact that they were made so long ago, contribute to their value. Unless you have an antique furniture store in your area, a pawnshop will be your best bet for selling it.

Game systems

Game consoles are popular items, whether they're modern or retro. As long as they work properly, people will be interested in buying them. Due to the popularity, pawnshops will be more than willing to take them off of your hands.

Computers and laptops

Desktop computers and laptops are still used by many people, even though mobile devices have become the new norm. While you probably won't get anywhere near what you originally paid for them, you can still bring them to a pawnshop for some quick money. Pawnshop owners know that there is a demand for them, so they are willing to carry them.

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